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Counseling at Liberti

All of us face adversity, and it is sometimes helpful to process these experiences in depth with the help of a wise friend, or at times with a professional counselor.  The best counseling scenarios involve a counselor coming alongside a church to support individuals who need focused attention during a certain season of life, with a view to the client/counselee remaining connected to a supportive community after the counseling process is over.

Depending on the situation, Liberti Church East may be able to connect you to trained or experienced congregants within the church who are able to resonate with your experiences; of course, this would be free of charge. Others may be referred to our counseling partners at Philadelphia Renewal Network, or to other partner counseling services in the region. Our financial partnership with these services enable us to offer an automatically reduced fee, and we are sometimes able to offset the cost even further, depending on need, duration of counseling, and availability of funds.

To begin the process of seeking counseling, we encourage congregants to begin by dialoguing with their home meeting leader about connecting with someone to talk. At that point, if more formal counseling seems necessary, contact atchison.tara@gmail.com (women), or john@liberti.org (men and couples).