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We love college students. We love being in a city filled with college students. We believe that reaching out to students, and including them in our community, is a big part of our calling and identity as a church.

If you’re a college student, it’s important for you to know that these are the most spiritually significant years of your life. The choices you make now will put you on a trajectory towards God or away from Him for many years to come. College isn’t a time to take a vacation from God—it’s a time to embrace Him. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but always in connection with other people, both on campus and in the local church.

We encourage you to become involved with one of the Christian campus movements listed below, and to become an active part of Liberti’s church community.

“Cru” at Temple University
check website for calendar of events and small groups
Contact: Jeff Manns at Jeff.Manns@cru.org.

“InterVarsity” at Temple University
Our Intervarsity connection at TU is primarily with international students.
Contact: Liz Spiegler at elizabeth.spiegler@intervarsity.org.

“Cru” at The University of Pennsylvania
check website for calendar of events and small groups
Contact: Hannah Gajari at Hannah.Gajari@cru.org.

“Cru” at Drexel University
check website for calendar of events and small groups
Contact: Andy Young at Andy.Young@cru.org.

Upcoming Events

Oct 21-23
Come join us for a weekend away from campus connecting with God and other Philly students. $95 for Upperclassmen | $25 for Freshmen.

Cru Winter Conference stirs college students’ imaginations and footsteps to Gospel Action. Join 1500 other college students for a time of centering on God, filling your tank, connecting with others, and activating momentum for mission. You will experience a combination of interactive ministry programming as well as practical experiences and activites designed to magnify and build up the Body of Christ at work – all across our world and in every life that joins us.

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
Dec. 28, 2016 – Jan. 1, 2017
$199 Thru Dec. 2 | $249 After